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The Real Reason You See Strange Coincidences And Repeating Patterns

When numbers repeat there may be more significance than you imagine. Numbers are more than mathematical playthings - they have meanings outside of grade school math class.

And when we see certain numbers over and over again it may be a sign the universe is trying to tell you something. Numbers are an integral part of astrology and numerology as it appears there is more to their mysticism than meets the eye.

Take Emma's experience for example: "One day I was driving to work and noticed it was 9:11 am. No biggie right? Well as I was looking down at the song playing in my CD player, (yes I still have a CD player) it was song number 9 of 11. Coincidence?

Maybe, but I seem to see that number everywhere I go. Maybe it's just because I am more attuned to it because I notice it more often. But maybe there is another explanation.

Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. I just don't know what it is."

If you too have noticed certain number combinations repeating themselves throughout your life you probably won't find this as odd as someone who hasn't experienced this for themselves.

If you search online for answers they all spout the same thing - seeing numbers on clocks, license plates, blah blah blah like you'd see numbers many other places right?

Well, when I first started noticing repeating numbers for myself (also called manifestation numbers or angel numbers) I did some digging just as you are right now.

What I found out isn't shocking or magical or you tuning into the supernatural or a frequency of the universe. It's simply your reticular activating system. What in the world is that? Well, the RAS also called the extrathalamic control modulatory system, is a bundle of connected nuclei in your brain.

It's responsible for regulating your sleep states specifically sleep-wake transitions, and motor control.

It's also the gateway to your conscious awareness.

That last part is the key to seeing repeating numbers. You see, when you notice something it comes to the conscious level. Before you were seeing these numbers and they were stored at a subconscious level ie.. you weren't aware of them.

Once you notice them for the first time you start seeing them everywhere. It's like when you start researching the purchase of a new car. before you did so you probably saw that same type of car quite often, but it didn't register. Once you started researching it you started seeing it everywhere didn't you?

That's the reticular activating system at work. It's now in your conscious awareness.

And that's why you are suddenly noticing these number patterns.

The Benefits Of Renting A Limousine Service For Your Wedding Day

If you are preparing a wedding, think about renting a limousine for the day. Here are 3 benefits of renting a limo on your wedding event day.


Thinking about that the average bridal dress uses up a considerable amount of area, limos provide comfortable, spacious trips for the bridal party. With more space for gowns, trains, and veils, there is less probability that a complete gown will wrinkle as it would in a smaller sized vehicle. Additionally, high-end limousines feature facilities that supply comfort all day long:

- Internet gain access to
- High-quality surround stereos
- Mini refrigerators and bar
- Air conditioning
- After hours driving from venues to photo shoots, a little additional comfort makes the day a little less tiring.


Convenience is a big perk of renting a limo on your wedding day. You merely can delight in the day without the tensions of the roadway.


When comparing limos versus other types of transport, limos are in some cases ignored due to cost. Nevertheless, making use of limo can be quite a cost-efficient decision. Due to the fact that a limo can quickly accommodate a bridal party of about 12 individuals, the cost of one limo is dramatically less than taxis for 12 individuals.

Beyond their comfort, benefit, and price, limos are also elegant. Get to your wedding with class, and take pleasure in the perks of renting a limo on your big day.

The event will end with a kiss, speeches will be made and guests will dance their hearts out. That is not where the spotlight turns off on you and your new spouse. All eyes will be on the newlyweds from the aisle to the limousine, when you and your partner will finally have a minute alone. So escape in style! When you look back for the extremely last photo of the night, the view ought to be picture-perfect. Here are a few methods you can jazz up the back of the limo, so you remember this minute fondly. After all, the memories will last a lifetime.

1. Use your wedding event colors

An excellent way to tie the limousine into the total theme of the wedding is to include the wedding event colors on the designs. When your photos return, whatever will appear like it belongs together. Ribbons, flowers and lettering are all options for pops of color.

2. Props are OK!

Use some of the flowers from the bouquets, fabric from the reception or any other decoration that can be attached to the car without damage. The more the merrier!

3. Make noise!

You can't fail stringing cans to the back of the car, as it is a garish tradition. If you 'd rather class it up a bit, consider embellishing the cans or using other noisy things. Wind chimes or other metal items would probably work best, as they would not break quickly.

4. Individualize the words

You do not have to use a big "Just Married!" sign if you don't wish to. Lots of couples nowadays choose to rather utilize window paint markers to write quips rather. You could hire a calligrapher or typographer to design a personal monogram on the back window.

For more information or suggestions visit Ambassador Limousine Service at

How To Plan A Wedding Around Your Budget

Planning your own wedding helps you to cut expenses. You can have an amazing wedding, and not spend a fortune, by following these tips:

1. Sit down with your groom to set a budget and discuss your priorities.

Dont put off the "money talk" until the last minute. Soon after you decide to get married, go over the finer details of setting the budget for the wedding.

Once you have agreed on the lump sum, figure out how you want to spend the money. Set your priorities. For example, if both of you think that food is important, set aside a sizeable amount of the budget for it.

You may want to cut down on some other items that you consider less important. Inexpensive invitations, a simpler wedding cake, sparing use of expensive fresh flowers, unique, creative, or DIY decor from thrift stores, are some ways to save money.

2. Keep the guest list small.

Make your wedding intimate and meaningful. Invite only the people closest to your and your grooms hearts. These include close family members and friends.

If you have fewer guests, you cut down on a lot of expenses. You'll need a smaller venue, less décor, and fewer people to set it up.

You'll spend less on food. Food takes up a significant percentage of a budget for a wedding. If you invite fewer guests, you cut down on your food budget. You also minimize the cost of party favors.

3. Have an off-season wedding.

The months of May to December are considered peak months for weddings. Choosing to get married at a time other than these months will help you reduce your wedding costs.

You can negotiate for a good price for your wedding venue. You can get discounts from various vendors. You can work out more acceptable rates with wedding planners who are usually not very busy at that time.

4. Be smart about choosing your venue.

Experts say that about a third of a wedding budget goes to venue and catering. Choose the right venue, and you can save a lot of money.

There are many promising venues for weddings other than the traditional country clubs or hotels. If a close friend or someone in the family has a grand home, you can ask permission to host your wedding at their place. You can also reserve a beach house, ranch, or cabin for short-term rental and have a wedding right in the middle of natural beauty. You can also consider the possibility of holding your wedding at a national park, garden, or beach.

If a hotel reception is more to your liking, think about holding both the wedding ceremony and the reception at the same venue. You may be able to negotiate for significant discounts. You'll also save on transportation expenses.

4 Unique Wedding Traditions From Around The World

If youve been to more weddings than you can count with the fingers of both hands, you probably think that all wedding parties pretty much look the same. While there may be subtle variations depending on the bride and grooms individual preferences, theres basically a format that the Western world follows: The bride walks down the aisle in a white dress while the groom waits patiently wearing his tux. They have the wedding ceremony and reception, dance to a sweet love song played by a wedding DJ, and the newlyweds leave for their honeymoon once the party ends.

But in other parts of the world, in Asia specifically, there are some wedding customs and traditions that will not just impress you, but will also make your jaw drop. Here are some of the most unique wedding traditions from different countries.

Chinese brides are said to be the happiest because they dont just wear one frilly white dress on their special day; they wear three! The first dress is usually something traditional for the traditional tea ceremony, like a qipao or cheongsam in red. The second dress is a white Western-style piece that is worn for the actual wedding ceremony. And the third is a cocktail gown for the reception.

Japanese brides getting married in a traditional Shinto ceremony are expected to wear a full white outfit comprising of a kimono, headgear, and makeup to symbolize purity in front of the kami or the spirits of nature. The headgear, which looks like a hood, is meant to conceal the horns of jealousy and selfishness that the bride has and is also a symbol of her resolve to be an obedient wife to her new husband.

India takes the prize for the longest wedding ceremonies, since festivities can last for several days, depending on the religion and region. Another wedding tradition that India is famous for is the intricate tattoos that brides get on their hands and feet before the big day. These mehndi tattoos, drawn with henna, is believed to make the bride more attractive and lovable to her future husband and in-laws. The darker the mehndi, the more her future family will love and accept her.


At the end of every wedding, guests often toss rice and confetti at the newlyweds as they exit the church. This is meant to symbolize prosperity and good fortune that will fall on the couple in their new life together. In the Philippines, this tradition is taken literally as it is more acceptable for guests to pin money on the couple as they take center stage for their first dance as husband and wife.

8 Tips For The Diy Bride Planning A Wedding

Whether youre working with a tight budget or youre just more comfortable taking the DIY route, planning a wedding can be hard work, especially if youre planning your own. The good news is, you dont have to do it alone. With the help of your closest family, friends, and soon-to-be spouse, you can have the wedding of your dreams without having to oversee every little detail yourself. From organizing your wedding program to picking out your reception music, here are 8 tips to help you plan your most unforgettable wedding.

1. Do your research

To be able to pull off the wedding of your dreams, you need to be ready to do your own research. Start collecting bridal magazines and saving online wedding guides so you have all the resources you need to work out the different details of the wedding you want.

2. Follow a schedule

Having a time frame and setting deadlines for your different tasks is a good way to keep your team (yourself included) moving towards your goals. Even though you may not like the idea of following a schedule, it will ensure that everything is sorted out on your big day.

3. Be organized

Try to keep all your notes and lists in one notebook so that you can easily keep track of everything related to your wedding. Organizing the different elements of your wedding in just one notebook will save you a lot of time and energy, especially in the planning stage.

4. Pick a wedding theme

Having a theme will make it easier for you to make decisions for your wedding. It will also make your big day look more cohesive because youll have to stick to design elements that work around your chosen theme.

5. Create a vision board

With countless wedding inspiration online, it can get very overwhelming real fast. Organize your wedding thoughts, ideas, and projects into a vision board that you can show to your suppliers. Pinterest and Instagram are good platforms you can use to collect and organize wedding inspo.

6. Agree on a guest list

If youre having a small intimate wedding, be ready to make some serious cuts. Sit down with your fiancé and agree on a guest list. Decide whether you have the budget and space for plus-ones and children.

7. Work with wedding suppliers that you like

Since youll be hands-on with your wedding preparations, its important to put together a team that you can get along with well. This way, youll be able to execute the wedding that you want without any stress.

8. Ask help from your married friends and relatives

It takes a village to put together a DIY wedding, so dont be afraid to ask for recommendations and advice from your married friends and relatives who have survived the DIY wedding process. Theyre a treasure trove of helpful tips and insights.

How To Prove False Allegations Of Child Abuse

In the parking lot of a grocery store, a mom was putting her children into the car when her daughter began yelling and having a fit. She did not want to get into her car seat and was resisting every calm attempt from her mother to get her buckled in. A few hours after getting her children properly buckled up and proceeding to drive them home, the mom hears a knock on her door. The police have arrived at the mothers house with a social worker. Another person in the parking lot heard the incident and called the police to report the mother for child abuse.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to get falsely accused of child abuse. False allegations of child abuse could come from a former spouse during a contentious divorce, a student who is mad at a teacher because he or she received a failing grade on an important test, or anyone who sees you interacting with your child.

These false allegations alone could be devastating. Depending on the circumstances, it could cause you to lose your job and potentially your children. The consequences could be even worse if you are convicted of the crime of child abuse. That is why the first thing you should do if you are falsely accused of child abuse is speak to an experienced child abuse attorney.

A lawyer may be able to help you by raising questions and presenting evidence that will effectively poke holes in the allegations against you. Heres how skilled child abuse lawyers attempt to prove false allegations of child abuse:

1. There were no injuries sustained by the child

In order for you to be convicted of child abuse under California Penal Code Section 273(d), the prosecution must prove that you willfully injured the child in a traumatic way. If there were no injuries sustained by the child, an experienced child abuse attorney will use this as evidence to prove that the defendant did not commit the crime of child abuse.

2. The injuries sustained by the child are unrelated to claims of child abuse

Many cases begin when a child is taken to the hospital for an injury that occurred by accident in the house. Doctors (as well as teachers, social workers and other professionals who work with children) are required to report potential child abuse if they see a bruise or suspect neglect of a child.

In these cases, an attorney will attempt to show that the injuries were not committed purposefully. This can be achieved through medical evidence and testimony of medical experts that the injuries were not caused by child abuse.

3. The defendant was using reasonable discipline

Parents have the right to use reasonable discipline when it comes to punishing their children. Reasonable discipline includes corporal punishment. Therefore, spanking either with your hand or using an object like a paddle is not considered child abuse in California when it is used as a means of discipline and it is not unreasonable or excessive.

Child abuse cases are very complex and applying the right defense to each case requires the expertise of an experienced child abuse lawyer. Consider contacting an attorney before speaking to police and social workers in order to protect yourself from false allegations of child abuse.

What It's Like To Research Study English At York

I'm now midway through my time in York as an English trainee, and I have actually been taking pleasure in every minute of it. Here's some things I wish I 'd understood about the course before beginning uni:

You discover that there is a whole wide world of literatures (Yes, with the plural's'!).

One dazzling thing about the York English Lit structure is that it exposes students to English Literature throughout time periods and across continents, and permits you to find writers you've never ever become aware of previously. In your first year, you'll start off with a module that includes texts from the 15th century all the way to the modern. In readings, lectures and seminars, conversation of these texts likewise necessarily includes discussions of the significant historic events of that period, how life was like in that era, and naturally, important philosophical and cultural readings of the text (something which I've grown to really enjoy reading).

In another module, York's English programme exposes us to global literatures, centred around styles such as post-colonialism (the Literature of countries who were ex-British colonies, for example). Personally, I found that to be an extremely improving experience that broadened my worldview and prompted me to think about the relationship in between Literature and Politics, and to question the function of a literary text.

This might sound a little complicated, however it actually isn't so! You absolutely can expect to find studying English at uni to be significantly various from the method we did it at A Levels, and while I did feel quite stressed out in the first few weeks of term, I ultimately found my footing and grew to enjoy the volume and rate of work we have at uni. Likewise, it offers you a huge sense of accomplishment when you look back at the end of the term at all the poems, plays and novels you have actually gone through in just 10 weeks!

The wide direct exposure to several durations of literature makes you discover interests in subjects you never engaged with before. For me, post-colonialism was my newfound love.

Versatility, flexibility, versatility!

Studying English at York is awesome due to the fact that the course offers you a lot of self-reliance to direct your research studies. The English course has fairly couple of contact hours (a.k.a. time invested in lectures and seminars) as compared to other topics. The coolest thing about the English course would be that you get to choose what you desire to compose you essay on-- there are no set questions (conserve for the written exams in summer season term)!

Having more versatility with your schedule also indicates that you can utilise the time to sign up with more societies and even take up a term-time internship, which was precisely what I did! Through the York Careers Portal, I looked for a term-time internship lasting for 12 weeks in Communications, and invested approximately 12 hours a week at the internship, which relates to about 3 days a week. This assisted me gain work experience and employability skills, and also some additional earnings on the side.

We have film screenings.

We enjoy film adjustments of a few of the texts in our reading lists (side note: I like how these sessions show up on our schedule as legit required lectures to go to)! Who 'd have believed that studying English at uni also includes sitting in a dark lecture theatre and seeing a motion picture projected on to the substantial screen? Think of it as a Netflix movie date ... but with a whole lot of people.

In my very first year, I remember viewing A Midsummer's Night Dream and loving how the film represented the characters of the play so much that I wrote one of my essays on the play! And simply last term, watching Samuel Beckett's Endgame throughout a film screening made me see the play in a whole various light, prompting me to obtain three different books from the library about Beckett and his works.

They're not going to let you be confused and worried all by yourself.

We're appointed an individual supervisor at the start of university, and this manager will be a scholastic from your department-- in our case, English-- and you 'd satisfy him/her frequently throughout your 3 years of research study to just talk about how you're discovering the course and how you're feeling, if you're coping well or if you're having a problem about module options, etc.

The Negative Effect Of Naplan Testing

New research study raises concerns about the effects of the National Assessment Program-- Literacy And Numeracy (NAPLAN) on the health and wellbeing of trainees and on favorable mentor and finding out approaches. NAPLAN was introduced to enhance literacy and numeracy in Australian primary and secondary schools, but the question needs to be asked: is it worth it?

The suite of tests that comprise NAPLAN, administered in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, are intended to determine 3 things: first, how private trainees are carrying out; 2nd, the level to which national literacy and numeracy criteria are being attained at each school; and third, how well educational programs are working in Australian schools.

Seven years of NAPLAN testing have produced blended results.

Our team hung out in five school neighborhoods (in Victoria and New South Wales) where we talked to students, moms and dads, teachers and school principals. The report is perhaps the most substantial to this day as it is the very first to study the influence on trainees.

What did the research find?

The findings expose that, versus its stated objectives, NAPLAN is at best a blunt tool.

The results aren't universally unfavorable. Some instructors discover the outcomes informative, there is evidence that in some schools NAPLAN results have been a trigger to carry out literacy and numeracy programs, and some parents appreciate the simple evaluation of their children's accomplishment levels.

Nevertheless, the research shows that NAPLAN is plagued by negative influence on student wellbeing and learning. Our previous study of instructors discovered that 90% of teachers reported that students felt stressed prior to taking the test.

This study of trainee experiences of NAPLAN draws attention to the need to take trainee health and wellbeing into account in educational efforts. While Australian educational policies do not explicitly state all procedures must remain in the best interests of the children, they should conform to the ethical practice of "doing no harm".

The lots of unintentional consequences of NAPLAN stem from the failure to take the interests of all students seriously. The formal and inflexible style of NAPLAN is not conducive to learning and teaching approaches that emphasise deep knowing.

NAPLAN, which utilizes language and a style of testing that is often foreign to trainees, strays from the systems built in classrooms that promote knowing.

Our report found that a majority of trainees disliked NAPLAN and were uncertain of its purpose. A majority reported sensations of tension.

Those who were struggling in maths and/or literacy were the most distressed about whether they would fail. Worryingly, schools reported that these trainees (whom the tests are designed to help) were typically the ones least likely to sit the tests. A smaller proportion reported particular stress-related conditions such as insomnia, hyperventilation, profuse sweating, nail biting, headaches, stomach aches and migraines.

Bulk want NAPLAN scrapped

When asked what message they would like to offer to the Australian federal government about NAPLAN, a bulk of participants recommended that it needs to be ditched.

Nevertheless, many also made ideas about how NAPLAN could be made more pertinent (through using much better examples and more available language) and the best ways to lower levels of tension. Those in favour of NAPLAN focused on the chance it provides trainees to practice the art of sitting tests.

The in-depth analysis of trainees' experiences in five varied Australian communities contained in our report provides the very first organized analysis of the effect of NAPLAN testing on trainees. It strengthens the views of many parents, school principals and teachers: that NAPLAN has substantial unexpected consequences, which have a negative effect on the quality of learning and trainee wellness.

Although NAPLAN testing is developed to improve the quality of education young people get in Australia, its execution, utilizes and misuses mean that it weakens quality education and does harm that is not in the very best interests of Australian kids.

How To Prepare The Profile For Your Online Dating Website?

As we all know that if we want to have a successful dating through those Online dating website, we have better to do more preparation work before we want to date somebody out. But what can we do if we just know nothing on how to do all those preparation work? So at that time, you can simply listen to my advice!

As your final goal is to date somebody out, you must decorate the decoration of your profile page well so as to attract people of opposite sex to find you. Imagine, if your profile page just have simple decoration and they just cannot find anything seems to be attractive, will they consider you as the one in their life? Perhaps they will, but the chances of it would be rather low.

More Details about Tips for Dating Online Profiles

Listen, if you want to attract more people to find you actively, you must pay much effort on the decoration of the profile page. You may refer to the design of some famous blogs and decorate your own profile page that can show your own and unique style. In that way, your unique style can be shown and some people may be attracted by your profile page. At least they may stay in your profile page for a while more and that can partly higher your chances to be picked as their true love.

When you have decorated your profile page well, what should you do next? You should find a great photo of you that can be your profile photo! Actually, you must do it before you decorate your profile page. Why? If you just do not show your real photo through those online dating sites, how can you expect that you can find your true love? You must show your real photos publicly and you just should not make any special effects on those photos that you post on those online dating sites. Why? It is because it is a type of cheating! Imagine if you are the one who are being mislead by those type of photos, would you feel disappointed when you see the real face of that guy? You do not want to be like that, right? So, you must not post some fake photos on those online dating sites, you have to show your real side publicly and let others know who you are in real life.

Besides decorating your profile page and put a natural photo as the profile picture so as to show the others your real side, you have to write a well-written short description on you so as to show your real side and let others briefly know who you are. If you just cannot let others know who you are through those text, I just cannot have a high expectation on you because you just cannot express yourself well. So you must firstly understand yourself clearly so that you can tell others what you are good at and your personality. If you just do not know much about yourself, how can you expect others can know more about you through your personal page in those Online Dating site? You must write a short description on yourself and let others know who you are at least. You should not always follow the standardize format of self introduction as that may give the visitors of your page a bad image on you as they may think that you are nothing special and just an ordinary person. So you must try your best to use some unique ways to introduce yourself and attract others to stay in your page for a while more at least.

The Power Of Mixed-age Play

All parents want the best for their children. You want to provide them with the tools for securing a bright future. One of them is a relevant educational opportunity that will serve as the start of a good career. You are seeking the learning institution that will help develop your child into the person you want him to be. If you value independence, creativity, curiosity, and respect, there is a school of your choice.

An ideal Eatontown community school is right there in your area. The Voyagers Community School has a unique educational program that makes use of mixed-age groupings and mixed-age play.

Age Is Just a Number

A childs complete development is not measured by age. Children grow and mature because of their mental, social, and physical capacities. The environment and heredity also play a great part in their development. This is the reason why there are childish adults and matured children. Age is not a good index of ones maturity level. Some children develop their skills in leaps and spurts; others develop in small gradual steps. No two children are exactly alike in their learning pace, so it is best to let them set their own speed. The lack of pressure and deadlines in the learning process will enable the students to know themselves better.

Real Life Experiences

In real life, you mingle with people who are of different ages. Some are older than you, others may be younger. You learn to adjust to all of them, especially if they are in your neighbourhood, your church, and in your family. Mixed ages in the classroom will be a natural situation for the students. They will feel that they are with their friends and family. This is just right, because the school promotes the one family and one community relationship. Outdoor activities are part of community life, so students enjoy outdoor programs and make the most of them. One of the schools useful classrooms is the outdoors. It is full of new things to learn and discover. It has many learning devices that vary from simple to complicated. When students go outdoors almost every day, they will come to love nature and its beauty.

Mixed-Age Advantages

When children of different ages are brought together, wonderful things happen. Their energy, innocence, friendliness and trust are awesome traits that boost their relationship with one another. These are the many advantages of mixed- age grouping and mixed-age play:

- A young child may be mentored by older children. - Young children will be inspired by the older ones. - Older children will set the example for the young ones. - The student is free to be what he is. - The student learns new lessons at his own pace. - There is no rivalry and competition. - The students develop their social graces.

Fertile Grounds

The freedom and independence that the ideal school provides enable students to discover new things and learn at a fast pace. They explore the world of technology by the handson projects that they make. They dabble in the arts like painting and drawing. They excel in music and the dance. These are disciplines that need to be nurtured in a natural environment. The students creativity is greatly enhanced by the freedom of expression and the support of the teachers and staff.

Parents are overwhelmed at the achievements of their children when they are left alone to discover what they can do. The arts are integrated into the teaching-learning approach, so the students are encouraged to indulge their creative expression. The students gain courage and inspiration to work on their chosen field of the arts. What could be more productive?

Our Students and our Graduates

Have you noticed the way your children accept their school? Here at Voyagers, the children are excited to come to school in the morning and begin their day of learning. They love their school and they are serious about their school work. They like the varied activities and the outdoor periods. Our graduates are confident young adults who are eager to go to college and pursue their chosen career. They have the sense of responsibility that is rare in young adults. They have been exposed to decision-making and facing the results of their actions and work. They give trust and respect because they have been trusted and respected.


Is it not wonderful to let your children learn the traditional subjects and values through a non-traditional system? All the fun, relationships, discoveries, explorations, and hands-on projects make the children discover themselves and what they can do in their lives. This is an educational system that does not force learning on the students. The students themselves go and seek what they want to learn. They choose their own way, and do so in their own good time. Parents, your children will be grateful for this choice of school.

Practical Tips For Men Dating Women

A Dating Personals Web Site:

Regardless of what people are looking for in companionship and love, there is a dating personals web site for everyone. Seriously, without specific criteria millions of hits will come up in an engine search for personal sites. So, it is a good idea to be a little picky.

For example, smoking can be a real issue in some relationships. If an individual is allergic to cigarette smoke, it would definitely be advisable to make sure that any potential date not be a smoker. Likewise, many people are seeking a new relationship after divorce and have children to add to the mix. Thus, it is imperative to find companionship with someone who has children, wants to have children, is good with children, and has a background check to verify he/she has no record of harming children.

Sure, individuals can go to any website, but it is better to use the old noggin and be safe rather than sorry. It is hard enough to make a relationship last under the best of conditions. But, people who are so lonely they are willing to settle or try to fix someone else usually end up unhappy or lonely again.

Do not sell yourself short. It is better to be happy alone than be responsible for the happiness of someone else. You do not have to pick the first guy or gal that comes up as a potential match. Get to know each other. Make sure you have enough in common to enjoy each others company, and yet still have the independence to not end up as codependents. In other words, a healthy, trusting relationship is the aim.

Do not go on a dating personals web site in a state of desperation. Go to black online websites with the attitude of finding the person best suited to you. Without making exceptions, or hoping to change someone along the way, there is someone out there willing to love you just as you are-warts and all. Someone who is waiting to share you same ideals, beliefs, and dreams is out there hoping to find someone just like you.

25. Check Your Community Dating Online Personals Profile:

With all the potential dangers associated with blogging online, joining chat lines, and even submitting personal information for consumer purposes, Online Dating can also be a risky business. Truthfully, how does anyone know the person they may be falling for is actually who he or she professes? Getting to know someone is the key. But, safety is also a major concern. So, check your black community dating online personals profile.

So, why check your profile. A few months ago I saw a clip that reinforced the importance of being extremely careful what users say or do online. In this instance, the young girl knew not to give her name or address. However, she gave the name of her baseball team and the position she played. With careful searching, it did not take a potential predator long to discover where and who she was, based on those seemingly minor details.

Assuming the ability to be extra careful and wise enough not to become a target for people out for monetary gain, or some other disgusting purpose, is similar to an ostrich hiding his head in the sand or a small child covering her eyes so no one can see her. It is a dangerous fallacy of thinking that need to be addressed, if anyone is serious about finding true love online. For example, stick to generalities. If a potential date is discovered, do not immediately put trust out there to be abused. If the individual seems genuine, invest in a background check. Make sure he or she has not been fabricating a persona solely for your interest. Then, if the person is okay, get off of the mainstream dating site where anyone can access conversations.

However, before investigating the other person, check your community dating online personals profile. Have you taken the precautions to protect the information that can lead a creep or a crook to your door? Is the data generic for persons of your interests and desires? Make sure there is no way an individual can determine whether you live next door or on the other side of the planet. Do not divulge where you work or specifics on what you do professionally or recreationally. Always be careful!

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Viking Food And Cooking

It is difficult to determine the exact diet of Vikings as there is little recorded evidence to understand what the Vikings ate or how they cooked their food. However, based on archaeological research, it could be noted that the Viking diet was probably determined by the climate and available resources at that time and place. Hence, it could be said that the Vikings were a very adjustable community towards food for survival. Much of the following information was learned from a Viking expert who specialises in visiting UK schools.

Types of Viking Foods

As farmers, it would be safe to conclude that the Vikings ate the produce of their land. The rearing of animals would provide their intake of meat from pigs, goats, cattle, sheep, horses, and poultry while their grains offered cereals that include oats, barley and rye. Dairy produce could be from their cattle to enjoy milk, cheese and butter which would be lavish in their food preparations. The fertile lands of their settlements would produce a variety of vegetables that include beans, peas, cabbage, onions and different types of herbs. It would not be wrong to assume their diet comprised wild fruits such as berries, cherries, apples and pears. Commonly consumed foods include corn and potatoes with wild honey as their only sweetener. Hard work as a diligent farmer would see the sprouting of leeks, carrots, onions, turnips and parsnips while a diligent scouting in the forests would gain wild nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts as well as different types of berries. Most of the Viking foods would be prepared according to what was hunted or gathered for the day. Hence, it would be common for Vikings to hunt along coastal regions, rivers and lakes for fish and animals. Fishing was executed with a hook and line or nets using small boats. Viking communities that stayed near these sources would have fish as their staple diet. It would not be shocking to note that the Vikings could have killed whales using their raiding ships to enjoy a bountiful harvest for the whole community.

Viking Cooking

Vikings loved meat and fish which formed their staple diets. These were mainly preserved by smoking where many Viking farms had dedicated smokehouses to perform the task. It was common for the whole lamb to be smoked before hanging on kitchen beams for the next meal. The Vikings may not have meats cooked only when a meal was to be served. Most of the time meats would be cooked and preserved in sour whey. This would allow the Vikings to enjoy their meats at any time to serve unexpected guests dropping in. Large vats were usually found in Viking homes to preserve the meat and dairy products. Hence, large amounts of foods were stored to ensure sufficiency at any time. The most common cooking method for Vikings was boiling. The meats were boiled in a pit lined with wood and water. Hot stones were dropped in to raise the temperature to boiling while herbs and spices were added to season the meats. Roasting was another popular way to cook meats for the Vikings. A spit with an elaborate handle was usually used to roast the meat over fire resting on forked sticks to prevent falling into the fire.

Cooking Utensils

Soapstone or iron cauldrons are common cooking apparatus for the Viking. The cauldron was constructed from many thin iron plates which were riveted to form the pot. It was a very heavy pot which allowed the heat to be more evenly spread for a tastier meal. The cauldron was popular amongst the Vikings to cook stews that comprise pork, leeks, cabbage and spices. Many Viking cauldrons include a skillet underneath to bake flatbread. The cauldron would be suspended over the fire pit placed at the centre of the longhouse handing from an overhead beam. The Vikings also made use of the iron tripod, although it was not a common household item. This cooking utensil was normally used when travelling as it was expensive to own. Many Vikings may make use of wooden saplings to form the tripod instead of using iron. The Vikings also made use of pot chains and kettles in their cooking and food preparation as well as for other daily necessities. These were normally placed above the bed in such an arrangement that would cause a cankering should intruders come into the home.

How You Can Chose An Online Dating Website

Selecting the appropriate type of online dating site is essential to having a successful online dating experience.

Yet prior to you begin surfing, be sure very first that you have thoroughly examined yourself as well as have actually determined your major goal in signing up with an on-line dating system. Because online dating solutions normally charge a subscription cost, so if you're not cautious, or not certain of just what you want, you could wind up losing a great deal of cash.

It is not extremely tough to locate online dating sites as noted on, particularly once you have determined your function for joining one. Right here are some useful suggestions on the best ways to do this.

Establish a budget

Determine just what does it cost? you agree to invest in online dating. Various online dating websites provide different subscription fees. There are some online dating sites that bill one-time membership costs, while others call for regular monthly reoccuring charges that are immediately charged to your credit card.

If it is your first time as well as you're just in for the experience, it would certainly be best to go with on the internet dating sites with an one-time membership cost. Also, for those budget-conscious individual, the single membership is additionally the ideal choice.

Request for recommendations

Ask your close friends, associates or family members for pointers on online dating sites they may learn about. Inquire if they have actually attempted online dating and if they have any ideas to supply. There are online dating overviews that could likewise be useful.

Study on-line dating websites

Attempt making use of the significant online search engine to get the names of a few of one of the most dating web sites.

Try to base your search on various other interests you have as well. There are specialized online dating websites that deal with customized target markets including political affiliations, sexual orientations, race, religion and also even more.

Frequently specialized on-line dating website are a better online dating option considering that you are most likely to fulfill someone with your rate of interests.

Know the benefits of signing up with an on-line dating solution

Narrow down your list of prospective by obtaining the leading three websites you are taking into consideration. Currently contrast them to determine the advantages and disadvantages of every one. Pay added attention to the membership costs, and also take particular notification of those on the internet dating websites that are providing totally free versus fee solutions. Make certain also to check the number of members that a certain dating website has.

Take a totally free trial run

There are some on-line dating sites that provide cost-free trials. You can restrict your search to these kinds of sites, to make sure that you can browse a website data source for prospective matches before you pay any subscription charges. This will provide you a concept on the type of possible friends you are likely to fulfill if you do sign up with the solution.

Constantly have other alternatives

Never wait to sign-up for multiple online dating services or transform solutions midstream, particularly if you're not pleased with the solutions. Remember your objective for joining an on the internet dating solution is to satisfy new individuals that have the potential of becoming your date. If an online dating website is not satisfying your needs then better to leave than to continuing to lose even more time and money.

Astrologer William Lillys Life And His Astounding London Fire Prediction

William Lilly was born in 1602 in Leicestershire, England. As he grew older his family fell on difficult financial times forcing him to take work in London with an elderly couple. When he turned 17, he discovered horary astrology. His passion for the subject led him to read all that he could about it. He even had a large private library of books on astrology.

By the 1630s, he took his knowledge about astrology and began practicing it as a science. He also then began studying occult matters. After five years he had perfected his skills as an astrologer. He then began writing and publishing almanacs. These almanacs contained many predictions some of which actually came to pass.

In 1644 his first almanac accurately predicted that the King of England would be defeated in a battle in 1645. This led to his almanacs becoming ever more popular in England. By 1647 he completed and published a set of books called Christian Astrology. By the time of the famous London fire in September 1666 Lilly was the most famous astrologer in all of England.

It turns out that years earlier, he accurately predicted the London fire complete with illustrations in one of his almanacs. As a result he was suspected of having set the fire. He had to be called into court to prove his innocence. He proved this with the help of another occultist who was famous in England at the time.

One of his books is still thought of as the ultimate resource for horary astrology. It has yet to be out-of-print. His specialty in astrology was that of horary astrology. This is a form of astrology where charts are drawn based on questions that are asked. Those charts are specifically based on the location and time where those questions are being asked.

By the time the 1670s arrived, he was licensed to practice medicine. He used his abilities to serve the poor and disenfranchised. He very rarely charged patients for his services. The term that is still used today by physicians all over when referring to a patient chart for their medical records comes from the chart from astrology. A special astrology chart would be drawn for when the person feel ill to help the doctor diagnose the problem.

He continued publishing his yearly almanacs while practicing medicine. He had a so-called adopted son who, after Lilly fell ill later on in the 1670s, aided him in crossing over. He died on June 9, 1681, and is still considered to be one of the greatest astrologers of all time especially for his prediction regarding the Great Fire.

Entertainment For Your Wedding Reception

Many couples will choose a traditional form of entertainment, such as a wedding singer, a wedding band or perhaps a disc jockey, when planning entertainment for a wedding reception. Music, as a form of entertainment for a wedding party is a must, but what about the guests who do not dance? These should also be catered for. These are some suggestions on how to add fun forms of entertainment to your wedding reception to entertain all your guests.

One of the bridegrooms friends and one of the brides friends could get together and create a fun newspaper which tracks the lives of the bride and groom. They would get photographs of the bride and groom at various stages of their lives from their families. These could include baby photographs, first day in school photographs, graduate photographs and any other photographs of interest. The photographs would be used along with humorous text to write funny articles about the couple. I copy of the newspaper would be left on each of the guests tables and the best man could read some of the articles during his speech. A variation on this could be to make a video using music and photos of the bride and groom as they were growing up. A videographer would be able to put together this type of video. The video could be played at the reception and it would be a nice souvenir for the bride and groom to remind them of their wedding day.

Some couples will want to set up a games area either inside or outside the wedding reception venue. The inside games area could consist of classic arcade games, that people have been playing for the last few decades. A pool or billiards table, and air hockey table or a table tennis table are other games that would suit an indoor games area. Games can also be set up in the garden or yard of the reception venue. Big versions of checkers, chess and Jenja are outdoor games which are very popular in these types of parties. Games, like horseshoe tossing or throwing hoops are perfect when there is a big lawn at the venue.

When the guests enter the reception area, they will tend to gather in small groups chatting to the people that they already know. You will want interaction between the guests and a good way to do this, is to install a photo booth in the area where the visitors will gather. A photo booth is a fun way of taking photographs using humorous props which can be themed in the wedding style. Photo booths rentals are also equipped with green screen technology which can place interesting backgrounds on each photo or video. Photo booths can be hired from wedding accessory firms who will deliver, set up and operate the equipment.

A dance competition could be set up, where dancers can compete against each other for a prize. As the dancers will be trying to outdo each other, it will be a spectacle for dancers and non-dancers alike. If you want to set up a dance competition, your DJ would be the perfect person to organise music compilations and organise the dance competition.

As you will want all your guests to go home happy and talking about how good your wedding reception was, it is very important that you have entertainment at your wedding that entertains all the guests. I hope that these ideas will give you some inspiration.

How Divination Tools That Develop Intuition Can Help You To Be More Confident And Successful

Divination is the art of being able to foretell the future and future events through intuitive means. Centuries ago there were shamans and respected guides who were allegedly able to foretell the future, sometimes with the help of psychedelic substances that put them in an altered state of mind.

People would pay respect to the elders to find out what their futures held and seek guidance on personal decisions. Great value was placed upon individuals with esoteric knowledge of the future and kings and queens would employ astrologers and others at their castles to help prevent unfortunate incidents from occurring.

Unfortunately, along with all of their responsibility, they were in trouble if the predictions that they made didn't happen. So responsible in fact, that they risked losing their heads over wrong predictions.

Thankfully, today, that isn't the case. Everyone is born with an intuition. That sixth sense that tells you something or someone is off. Something just isn't right.

It can be hard at first to tune into your intuition. If it's not really what you want, it's easy to "turn it off" and pretend you never felt that way.

This is a form of divination. It's an inner intuition that many have learned to develop and focus on in their lives. Everyone has it, some are just much better at learning to listen to it and at developing it.

There are many forms of divination. They can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes like tarot cards, numerology and more. Astro-guide is a form of divination to some. Others use runes or fortune tellers to help determine their future and their lives.

What if you can develop your own divination tools and learn to listen to your innermost intuition? It's entirely possible.

Consider the last time you second guessed yourself. Perhaps you thought you should check your tires before you left but you didn't, then, you had a flat.

This was a form of intuition or divination. You ignored it and now you're stranded somewhere and saying, "I knew I should've checked my tires". This is what you need to learn to listen to. That innermost intuition that tells you something yet, you ignored.

Take a few moments and think back over your life. How often have you second guessed yourself? How many times in the course of your life have you thought "I should've..." or "I wish I'd gone with my gut instinct..."?

If you see a pattern, it's time to step back and focus on developing your divination tools and clean out your mental tool box.

Children and pets can be extremely intuitive. They use these skills on a daily basis. Consider the pet or child that doesn't like someone and then, a short time later, you find out that the person was guilty of a serious crime. That was their divine intuition speaking to them.

Sadly, as we age, we tend to get caught up in other things and our intuition becomes clouded. We tend to ignore it and do as we please or worse, we ignore it and get hurt.

Ideas For Your Quinceanera Party In Houston, Texas


What might a party be without balloons? All the more significantly, what might a quinceanera be without this exemplary party stylistic layout? Balloons yell festivity from a mile away and go ahead, who doesn't love them?

From single stringed balloons, to paint splattered balloons and balloon curves, your quinceanera party in Houston will be a scream. A simple approach to make expand curves is just with an balloon enriching strip and a move of tape. A simple approach to make balloon curve is the ideal option for a shoreline or pool party while a curve that is one shading can add a touch of advancement to your quinceanera party. You can likewise even modify the balloons into shapes that mirror your party theme. This is an awesome approach to transform your party into a fun zone.


Streamers are another extraordinary party enhancement thought, particularly for a quinceanera party . We said this was a turning point party so we will run hard and fast with our party style. Streamers are modest quinceanera party improvements that don't look shabby by any means. There are numerous design thoughts for steamers, you can curve them, hang them, entwine them and the rundown goes on. This party decoration is ideal for entryways at the gathering scene.

Hang them with tape for a sensational impact when strolling into the party. You can discover streamers in any shading and any example making it simple to coordinate your chosen party theme. What you truly need to know is that streamers are exactly what you need for your Houston quinceanera party.


Discuss an extraordinary quinceanera party thought! An upbeat party standard is an absolute necessity for a quinceanera. Welcome your visitors with a hanging pennant when they go into the party. You can discover these standards anyplace and the best thing is that the vast majority of them are super adaptable and you have huge amounts of alternatives. You can likewise make your own particular brilliant party pennant and customize your own particular canvas print to peruse upbeat party furthermore and go about as a token for the birthday young lady.


Tables are an incredible approach to flaunt all your super adorable party themed style. I mean we can't simply leave the tables uncovered at a super quinceanera. To begin with, select tablecloths identified with your sweet quinceanera theme. At that point, the pastries are awesome table centerpieces, you can even set up an assigned pastry table and utilize party standard to compose "dessert station" over the table. Your visitors will thank you for driving them appropriate to these sweet treats.

Sprinkle the tables with some confetti that runs with the shading plan of the party. An extraordinary thought for "a night in Paris" subject is included to add some little model Eiffel Towers to the table, the thought is to truly join the quinceanera theme you picked no matter what. On the off chance that you recall to remember that then the majority of your quinceanera party stylistic layout is certain to be awesome.


It's an ideal opportunity to victory the candles and make a desire. This isn't only any ole' birthday cake, this is a quinceanera cake that should be in vogue, delicious and truly run with the subject of the party. Yum! Cakes for this point of reference birthday have a tendency to be exceptionally unrestrained and we host seen some remarkable party treats.

The extent of your birthday cake will depend a great deal on the visitor list. The more individuals that are welcome to the party, the more cake you will require. On the off chance that you have an expansive visitor list, the most ideal approach is with a layered birthday cake that will tower over the sweet table. On the off chance that your quinceanera will be more cozy then you can run with a littler cake and carry the wow figure with the beautifications.


Cupcakes are a simple and awesome approach to blow the candles out without managing the bother and trust us, they taste pretty much tantamount compared to the cake. Cupcakes can likewise be shown in the cutest way imaginable! There are unlimited alternatives for cupcake stands, yet one thought we are truly cherishing is utilizing an antique light fixture to show the little cakes. This would be ideal for a more stylish or girly party theme. You can likewise shape your cupcakes to really resemble a substantial cake. Choosing to run with cupcakes for your party treat additionally permits you to offer your visitors diverse cake flavors. The more choices the merrier. This quinceanera will taste astounding because of birthday treat motivation.

Growing Spiritually With Joy, Hope And Gratitude

A person needs to have adequate sense of humor to see that you're not the only one looking for joy. Frequently we are feeling down and feel that nobody cares when we're all alone.

Among various self-help programs click through to YouTube videos on the different subjects and watch something positive and uplifting. These video might offer inspiration to move away from the self-pity or the self-defeating feelings. Watching motivating videos is a good way to uplift your spirit and face the day with hope and gratitude.

Often we need to do some major inner work to learn exactly what the hard lesson is about. If we put in the time to discover the lesson, we'll be on our way to a more fruitful and happier life living every day to its fullest.

In reality we must believe that the negativity will certainly pass. If we dont then we can draw into our life more and more negative energy. Find different techniques that teach you how to change your destructive way of thinking. YouTube channels on spirituality, astrology, and also individual growth are the place to begin. Seek out experts on the topics and listen to your own intuition on how you feel when you are watching the videos.

Select teachers that teach you methods on how to concentrate as well as on meditation. These disciplines support the mind and heart to be focused and at peace.

In accordance with statistics, those that take at least 10 mins each day and also practice meditation lead a much healthier life by not being stressed. It's unwinding and also healthy and balanced to practice meditation.

Learn how to correctly practice meditation by obstructing and releasing all negative thoughts from your mind for at the very least 10 mins each day. Bear in mind, if you could practice meditation for longer it is even better still.

You will be surprised how a couple of positive and uplifting video each day can change your outlook on life. Find a good astrology channel on YouTube that gives the astro weather so you know what to expect. Sometimes knowing your good days and the days that are more complicated is all you need in order to not get pulled into feeling bad about things not going your way. In addition knowing that it is a good day for you to take a risk and go for something that you want is a blessing and can give you the courage to ask for something that you otherwise might be reluctant to.

By being willing to take the effort to find seek out a couple of YouTube channels to subscribe to you can be delighted with the transformative power of inspiration and the motivating factor to believe that your future holds success and happiness.

Legal Services: The Dos And Donts

Finding yourself in uncharted territory can be a bit disorienting. One of the instances that you might encounter is when you find yourself face to face with the law. Legal cases are complicated and you will need experts to guide you through it. Lawyers and their legal services will come in handy but read on and understand what to do and what not to do when dealing with them.

  • Do research beforehand. You will find a lot of information online about lawyers. Find out more about your prospects online and ask around for recommendations and testimonials from your family, friends, and colleagues. Legal battles are not something you will want to take lightly. It is best if you come prepared.
  • Do ask about the billing process. Inquire how the lawyer will come up with the fees for his or her legal services. A lot of clients complain about being charged more than they have agreed so you don't want this to happen to you. Legal fees are expensive to begin with so you wouldn't want surprises. It will be best if it is a flat rate so as to avoid extra fees.
  • Don't be afraid to be critical about your monthly invoices. Make sure that you check each item, and that it is itemized in the first place. If something is not clear to you, ask your lawyer for an explanation.
  • Don't forget to ask about the terms and nature of the lawyer's work and have it put into writing. Make sure that you know how your case will be handled by your lawyer. There are dishonest lawyers who will not be transparent about how they will go about your case and will spend time on unnecessary work and charge you for it.
  • Don't be afraid to look for a new lawyer if you think it is necessary. If you are not satisfied with the lawyer's performance or if the firm continues to bill you unwarranted charges, then do make your life easier by looking for a better firm.
  • Do not be swayed by cheap fees. You may be tempted to accept mandurah legal services from a firm which offers a very low rate. This is understandable but make sure that those woho represent you are reputable and competent. Cheaper is not always better. And if they are cheap, ask about possible additional charges that they are not upfront about.
  • Do let other people know about your experience. Other people may need advice on the best lawyers and firms and your referrals will be of great help. Whether positive or negative reviews, let your friends and family know or maybe even post them on review sites. This will not only be useful to people looking for legal help, the firm or the lawyers may also want to know about which areas they need to improve to better their services.

How to deal with Personal and Family Issues Legally

While many people take matters of family law for granted, only a few who have faced hard times out of such ignorance know how important it is to have a family legal representative. Some matters in the family are sensitive and can blow out of proportion at any given time, which necessitates the need for a family legal attorney, just to be on the safe side.

eltham-palace-Family law refers to legal matters relating to marriage, divorce, legal separation, child custody and support, alimony (spousal support), adoption and related issues. At one time or another, almost everyone will have a family law matter that they will need settled. As family law matters involve more than just money, it is important for a person who has a family law issue to have an attorney from a family law firm who will help him or her to receive the best legal decision possible. Family attorneys are trained to help people who are dealing with both financial and emotional legal issues.

While many people do not seek legal advice before getting married, it is a good idea. A competent family law attorney can help a couple to make the right decisions regarding prenuptial agreements and the combining of assets. Of course, a family law attorney is needed when a couple is divorcing as important legal decisions need to be made concerning assets, liabilities and other financial matters. It is particularly important for a person to have legal counsel in divorces involving the custody and support of minor children.

In the event of a divorce, family and divorce lawyers can do more for a client than just argue the case in court. Skilled family and divorce lawyers help people by negotiating fair settlements with the other party without having to go to court. By settling out of court, a lot of time and money can be saved. These savings come from reduced court costs, lower attorney fees and elimination of most appraisal and expert witness fees. In cases where the children may be called as witnesses, settling out of court also keeps children from having to testify in court.

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Every day we are on the run to make our lives better. The unfortunate thing is that at any given time, accidents may happen in the course of duty or elsewhere. Making a claim to get compensation for any injuries incurred can be quite a daunting pursuit. This is why you should have a personal injury lawyer, who can help you push for justice in case anything happens and you get harmed.

If you’ve sustained an injury and you believe you deserve to be compensated for any expenses, you may want to consider speaking with a personal injury attorney who can advise you on your case and then represent you if you decide to proceed. Some common injuries which may require a personal injury lawyer:

Medical malpractice and botched surgeries

Work related injury

Traffic accidents

Falling in a public or private place

Repetitive strain injury

Chest diseases



If your personal injury attorney is able to prove that the injury you sustained was due to negligence on the other person’s part, you may win in a court case or decide to settle without going to court. Either way you will receive a payment for your medical bills, lost work wages, and pain and suffering. Generally the payment will be made in installments. If you don’t win your case, you don’t recover any money but you also don’t owe anything to your attorney if you’d agreed on a contingency fee.

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Making the best choice of the attorney to represent you can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes you might not even understand if you should hire one or represent yourself before the court. The issue of settling payments and the contingency fee is also another hurdle that really takes people down when it comes to making this decision, but all you need is to weigh your situation and be smart inn making your next step.

Do You Need to Hire an Attorney or Can You Represent Yourself?

Deciding whether or not you need a personal injury lawyer can be a tough decision. Learn the types of claims you can probably handle on your own, and those you'll definitely need a licensed attorney for.

How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

If you're like most people, you wouldn't even consider the prospect of handling your own case. Naturally, you'll want to find the best injury attorney out there. We'll show you what to look out for and how to make sure you get the right attorney for your case.

How Contingency Fees Will Affect Your Settlement Payout

Your lawyer's fees will vary depending on your location and the facts of your case. You should expect the contingency fee to be about 33 percent of your final settlement - that's after expenses are taken off the top. It rises to 40 percent if you go to trial.

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