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How To Plan A Wedding Around Your Budget

Planning your own wedding helps you to cut expenses. You can have an amazing wedding, and not spend a fortune, by following these tips:

1. Sit down with your groom to set a budget and discuss your priorities.

Dont put off the "money talk" until the last minute. Soon after you decide to get married, go over the finer details of setting the budget for the wedding.

Once you have agreed on the lump sum, figure out how you want to spend the money. Set your priorities. For example, if both of you think that food is important, set aside a sizeable amount of the budget for it.

You may want to cut down on some other items that you consider less important. Inexpensive invitations, a simpler wedding cake, sparing use of expensive fresh flowers, unique, creative, or DIY decor from thrift stores, are some ways to save money.

2. Keep the guest list small.

Make your wedding intimate and meaningful. Invite only the people closest to your and your grooms hearts. These include close family members and friends.

If you have fewer guests, you cut down on a lot of expenses. You'll need a smaller venue, less d├ęcor, and fewer people to set it up.

You'll spend less on food. Food takes up a significant percentage of a budget for a wedding. If you invite fewer guests, you cut down on your food budget. You also minimize the cost of party favors.

3. Have an off-season wedding.

The months of May to December are considered peak months for weddings. Choosing to get married at a time other than these months will help you reduce your wedding costs.

You can negotiate for a good price for your wedding venue. You can get discounts from various vendors. You can work out more acceptable rates with wedding planners who are usually not very busy at that time.

4. Be smart about choosing your venue.

Experts say that about a third of a wedding budget goes to venue and catering. Choose the right venue, and you can save a lot of money.

There are many promising venues for weddings other than the traditional country clubs or hotels. If a close friend or someone in the family has a grand home, you can ask permission to host your wedding at their place. You can also reserve a beach house, ranch, or cabin for short-term rental and have a wedding right in the middle of natural beauty. You can also consider the possibility of holding your wedding at a national park, garden, or beach.

If a hotel reception is more to your liking, think about holding both the wedding ceremony and the reception at the same venue. You may be able to negotiate for significant discounts. You'll also save on transportation expenses.


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